Player registration is open!  See "Online Registration" page under Parents / Players. 
Coaches registration will be open by June 15. 
Player and coach registrations will end on August 18.  
The full schedule for the 2023 season will be available by June 15. 

2022 Season - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register? When is the deadline? 

Two ways:

1)  Online by clicking here. We strongly encourage online registration to speed up player check-in.   

2)  Showing up at an onsite registration, a listing of parks and dates will be available by early August.   To speed up registration, feel free to print and complete the registration form and health form prior to showing up. 

How much is registration? 

Registration fees are $35 for the 2022 Season. 

What is provided by Mighty Mites?  What do I need to purchase?

The $35 registration fee includes a jersey and mouth guard. Helmets and shoulder pads are available for rent for $15 each ($30 for both). Shoes and pants are provided by parents. Click here for information on approved cleats. 

Where do I register? I live in
another town, can I play Mighty Mites?

We have no restrictions on where people live and where they play Mighty Mites - all players are welcome anywhere they want to play!

Are physical examinations required?

Yes, a completed health examination form is due by September 7, 2022. The form must be completed with physician signature.  The form is available on our website or will be handed out during onsite registrations.

I've registered but haven't heard from our coach?  When is the first practice?  Which team is my child on? 

The first practice night is September 6, 2022 for Springfield (Betty and Bobby Allison site) at 6:00.  If not playing in Springfield (Fordland, Ava) contact your park supervisor for your park's practice time (see "Parks" page).  You might not hear from your coach until the first practice night.  Just show up and we'll let you know what your team is and introduce your coach. 

I've registered and need more candy.   How can I get more boxes to sell?

Contact your park supervisor (see the "Parks" section of the website for contact information).

When are games and/or practices?

Please see the schedules page.

Do I have to sell candy?

No, but players not selling candy are required to pay an additional $30 fee. If you sell more than 1 box of candy, a $10 Academy gift card is given for each additional box sold (sell 5 boxes, get $40 to Academy!)

How are teams selected?  Can my child be on the same team as their friend / brother / sister?

Depending on your park, players will be assigned through a coach’s draft, or assigned to a team by the Field Supervisor.

How will I know if a practice or game has been rained out?

All rain outs will be posted on our website. Please note some parks may be cancelled while some play due to weather conditions at the particular park.  Your park may also have additinoal communication means (Facebook, etc.).

What are the age and weight restrictions?

All children in the 1st through 6th grade who will not reach age 13 in 2021 can participate. Ball handlers can’t weigh more than 70 lbs in the 1st / 2nd grade division, 95 lbs. in the 3rd / 4th grade division, and 125 lbs. in the 5th and 6th grade division.

I want to coach.  What is required? 

All coaches are required to complete a background screening process. All head coaches are required to complete an online training program, provided by USA Football.  Mighty Mites also completes onsite training at each park.  See coaches section of our website. 

I still have questions?!?! 

Try our FAQ page, handbook, or feel free to contact us.