Online registration for football is open!  See link under Parents / Players.  Registration will close on August 17.
The 2024 season will begin in late August and will end in mid-October.   

Mighty Mites is committed to providing coaches with the necessary training and tools to promote and support the Mighty Mites mission.  We encourage all coaches to become members of USA Football, which has a wealth of coaching resources and tips.

Click here for a printable / PDF version of the below information along with the offensive and defensive rules.

Rules and Regulations 

Divisions and Team Selection

1. There are three divisions:

1st and 2nd Grades

3rd and 4th Grades

5th and 6th Grades

2. All parks will follow specific guidelines provided by the Board of Directors for selection of players for each team. If any team is too strong, the Board of Directors or Park Supervisor may make an equitable adjustment.

3. No team shall have more than 20 players, unless approved by the Board of Directors.


1. Most playing fields will be 60 yards long and 36 yards wide. Lines will be marked off at 6 yard intervals parallel to the goal line and inbound marks will be placed 12 yards from each side line. The end zones shall be optional but if used will be 6 yards making the total length 72 yards from end line to end line.

2. Goal post to mark the goal line will not be used.

3. Extra point line shall be l l/2 yards from the goal line.

4. Players, head coach and no more than two assistant coaches for each of the two teams participating in a game shall group on the same side of the field for the entire game.

5. The two teams shall be on respective sides of midfield. Each team’s coach’s box will be 12 yards, from the 12 yards line to the 24 yards line. Coaches and players are required to remain in this box.

6. Parents and other spectators shall be required to observe the game from the opposite side of the field from which the teams are located and such spectators shall position themselves at least 10 feet from the sideline or behind the spectator line.

7. Where there are two adjacent fields at a park, teams playing at the respective fields should be located on the same side that comprises the area between the two fields.

8. At any time during the game that any parent or other spectator shall be found observing a game on the same side of the fields as the teams are located, play will be stopped until the situation is corrected.


1. There will be no kickoffs. The game shall start with the ball being put in play on the 18 yard line for the 3rd / 4th and 5th / 6th grade divisions and from the 24 yard line for the 1st / 2nd grade division.

2. Each half will be 20 minutes long.

3. Half time will be 3 minutes.

4. The referee shall announce to both teams when there are 5 minutes remaining in the half, when there are 4 minutes remaining in the half, and when 3 minutes remain in the half the referee shall announce to both teams that 2 plays remain before the half concludes. Plays that are nullified by a penalty shall not be counted. Punts and extra point plays shall not be counted.

5. The only time the play clock shall stop is when an injured player must be removed from the field of play. Each team is allowed one 30 second timeout per half. No timeouts or delays are allowed during the final two plays of each half.

6. For 1st / 2nd grade and 3rd / 4th grade divisions, two coaches from each team will be allowed on the playing field to help arrange players and assist with maintaining game order and flow.

7. Every player should play approximately one half of every game for which the player is dressed out and has attended practice sessions. An assistant coach could be assigned the responsibility to monitor compliance and ensure all such players play approximately half of every game. A player that plays exclusively on either offense or defense is considered to play half of the game.


1. After securing possession, a team must make 6 yards in 4 downs or lose the ball.

2. A fumble is a loose ball which strikes the ground. Fumbles will be ruled dead at the point of recovery. They may not be advanced by either team. This includes fumbles by the quarterback on the center snap. A loose ball which is intercepted, recovered while in flight, or taken from another player, which happens without the ball striking the ground, may be advanced. Offensive guards, tackles and the center are not allowed to advance the ball.

3. Following a safety, the team that had possession shall free kick from their 12 yard line.

4. A punt may be made on any scrimmage down. The receiving team gains control at, the lesser of, the spot where the receiving team secures possession or first knocks the ball forward. The defensive line may kneel down during a punt or they may stand with their arms extended in the air. However, rushing the kicker, returning the punt, or crossing the line of scrimmage, by either team, is not allowed. 


1. There will be two types of penalties:

Minor (3 yard penalties): False start, offside, encroachment, illegal motion, too many players on field, delay of game, holding, illegal use of hands.

Major: (9 yard penalties): Unsportsmanlike conduct, unnecessary roughness, face mask, clipping, horse-collar tackle, spearing, roughing the passer, mouthpiece not in player’s mouth, illegal play, and illegal formation, and helmet-to-helmet hits.

2. A major (9-yard penalty) shall be imposed against the team when one of its players fails to wear the required mouthpiece during a play. Mouthpieces shall be attached to the face guard. Special dental mouthpieces must be approved by the Park Supervisor. Officials should notify a player if his mouthpiece is not in place before the play starts.

3. Except for unsportsmanlike conduct, face mask or horse-collar tackle penalties; all other penalties will be assessed from the line of scrimmage.

4. In the case of defensive or offensive pass interference, the penalty assessed shall be 9 yards from the line of scrimmage. If it is not possible to enforce the full 9-yard penalty then the penalty assessed shall be 1/2 the distance to the goal.

5. There are no "loss of down" penalties and no penalties that result in an "automatic first down".

Weight Limits

 1. Weight limits are set to ensure the safety of all players, not to limit the play of specific positions. There is no compromise of these rules.

 2. Weight restrictions for all offensive players that handle the football:

Division Maximum Weight

1st and 2nd 70 lbs.

3rd and 4th 95 lbs.

5th and 6th 125 lbs.

3. These maximum weight limits apply to all offensive players who are eligible to handle the football. The center is not allowed to advance the football.

4. Only the five offensive positions, as defined and shown in the diagrams and illustrations within this handbook, are allowed to attempt to advance the football (eligible ball carriers): QB, RB, FB, TE, WR.

5. Players are required to be weighed at registration by a Mighty Mites representative.

6. If the Board of Directors or the Park Supervisors determine that a player is in the wrong division due to age, size, and/or ability, that player may be placed in an appropriate division, and/ or the appropriate position.


1. Regular high school football rules will apply, unless otherwise specified in this handbook.

2. There shall be no exhibition games between any teams of Mighty Mites football program without prior consent and approval of the Mighty Mites Board of Directors, which consent shall be severely restricted.

3. Equipment owned by Mighty Mites Inc. is to be used at Mighty Mites sanctioned games and practices only, with no exceptions.

 4. Park Supervisors and the Board of Directors reserve the right to not allow participants to play in the final game unless all candy money outstanding has been turned in to the participant’s Park Supervisor.

5. Park Supervisors and the Board of Directors reserve the right to exclude any player from participating in the program, who due to his size, weight or any other factor could be detrimental to the other participants or himself.