Registration for the 2024 season will be open by May 2024, and be open through August 2024. 


Mighty Mites is committed to providing coaches with the necessary training and tools to promote and support the Mighty Mites mission.  We encourage all coaches to become members of USA Football, which has a wealth of coaching resources and tips.

Click here for a printable / PDF version of the below information along with the general and defensive rules.

Offensive Formations and Rules

1) All plays must originate in one of six approved formations, based on the below "Allowable Formations" table each division: 

                     X = formation allowed in the respective division

2) Formations can be reversed (mirror image)

3) No motion of shifts are allowed before the snap

4) Any legal high school play can be run

5) In the 5th and 6th grade division only, the quarterback can take the snap from anywhere directly behind the center (shot-gun, pistol, behind center). If the ball hits the ground during the snap, the ball is dead where it hits the ground.

The intent of the above system is to allow flexibility for offensive play calling and design, while providing a program structure to help achieve our primary mission of teaching football fundamentals in a safe environment.