2020 SEASON UPDATE:  The 2020 Mighty Mites Season has unfortunately been cancelled due to the pandemic. 

 Mighty Mites is planning to host one-day events with competitions and drills (punt, pass, kick, etc.).  Dates and locations are being determined, and will be posted here when available. 

Background Check for Mighty Mites Coaches

All Mighty Mites coaches are required to complete the below form.  To review the screening criteria that will be used when evaluating eligibility click here. Carefully follow all of the instructions and completely fill out the background check form.   You must submit this form by September 1, 2019. 

If you are not approved and have been deemed “ineligible” then Mighty Mites Inc. will notify you directly.

If you would like to review the options that are available to you should you be deemed ineligible, click here.

The background process is handled through Mike Kolling & Associates (417-840-6350). The cost of the background check is $30.00 and initially paid by the applicant.  Mighty Mites will reimburse 100% of the cost - send an email to mail@mightymitesfootball.org with your name and address and a check will be mailed. 

The background check is good for 3 consecutive seasons beginning the year of the background check. For example, if you are coaching your 1st grader in 2019, and you plan on coaching him/her completely through their 6th grade season, then you will be required to pay the background fee two times.

If you were approved to coach in 2017 or 2018, all coaches are required to submit an annual background check (no payment required), to verify no changes in 2019. All paperwork, payments, and any other interaction as it relates to the background check is between the coach/volunteer and the background check company listed above. This process will take approximately 7 days. Since you will be required to have a coaching certification card before your first game, we urge you to complete this process immediately.

If you have trouble with the website and below form, please contact Mighty Mites at 417.833.6007 or mail@mightymitesfootball.org

Employment Screening & Background Information Services
3576 West Farm Road, 182
Brookline Station, MO 65619
Office (417) 840-6350
Fax (417) 889-4026
Email: Coachmkoll@aol.com

Background Check Authorization and Release Form for Mighty Mites Inc.

** All information provided must be truthful and accurate. **
You must answer all questions. Do not leave any data fields blank.
Any False information provided will be cause for disqualification.

Fields marked with an * are required.

If no, you must pay a $30 fee for a new background check for the 2020 season. You can do this in the next step. If yes, you will be verified against our approved coaches lists.


(Enter T for True, F for False, Yes or No to the questions listed below)

Note: Head coaches are also required to complete online training through USA Football. See separate page on our website for more details. You will not receive a coaching card until the online training is complete

If no, contact your Field Supervisor before completing this form.

By clicking submit below you agree, "I have read and will comply with the Coaching Card Agreement, Coaches Contract, and Sportsmanship, Ethics and Behavior expectations"

By clicking submit below you agree, "I hereby authorize Mike Kolling and Associates, and Mighty Mites Inc. to perform a background check on me as they deem necessary, and in accordance with FCRA regulations and all state and federal laws. I understand that I am responsible for the twenty-five dollar fee and that the fee must be paid before this form can be processed. I understand that my signature below acknowledges that I have completely read and understand this release and authorization form."